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Batman Inspired Kick-Ass Costume for Nicholas Cage

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The film based on a comic book series has been received fantastic reviews of audiences being in a state of giggles and laughter as the story unfolds on screen. The story features a comic book obsessed school boy, with an equal obsession with the internet, of becoming a real life super hero.

The film also features a father and daughter super hero team called Hit Girl and Big Daddy, who team up with Kick-Ass to create more hilarious situations for the film, including the crazy super hero schooling of the young Hit Girl.

Nicholas Cage has been talking about the inspiration behind his Batman styled costume for the recently released Kick-Ass movie. In the interview by MTV, Cage explains the reasons why they used the Batman costume.

Have you seen Kick-Ass yet?

What did you think of the film and which where the funniest moments for you?