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Sandra Bullock To Play Wonder Woman?

Wonder Woman Sandra and Lynda

Theres been a long list of possible actresses to play the role of Wonder Woman in the film version of this super heroine. Possible A-List stars for the role have included Megan Fox, Eliza Dushku and Beyonce.

The film is expected to be released sometime in 2011 and is still in the planning stages. So when the previous Wonder Woman star Lynda Carter commented on the US television show ‘Good Morning LA’ that Sandra Bullock would be ‘great in the role’, then the rumours started.

It also started some contraversy as she was also reported as saying that Sandra Bullock may be too old for the role, which has been denied by Lynda Carter.

Wonder Woman Lynda Carter and Sandra Bullock

Either way the film will attract thousands of Wonder Woman fans, irrespective of who plays the role.

Who do you think should star as Wonder Woman?