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There are endless debates in life about basically any topic you can imagine. Politicians debate items such as climate change, war, the economy and etceteras. You debate the type of food you should eat when out with friends, what type of car to drive before you buy one, the greatest sports team in history and perhaps most importantly, what is the greatest video game of all time?

If you are having a conversation about the greatest video games of all time then Pac-Man needs to be in the conversation at or near the very top. Pac-Man transformed the video game industry when it was launched in 1981 and quickly became the highest selling video game of all-time. Pac-Man was an easy game to learn with a simple goal: eat all the dots without being caught by the ghosts and rack up as many points as possible.

For anyone who might have been living in hiding for the past 28 years or is under the age of 13 hooked on Playstation 3/Xbox 360 and has never seen the game, be sure to ‘Google it’ and/or download a playable version of the game. Once you have started playing, you will be hooked for awhile so plan on not going anywhere within a couple of hours.

There are a number of strategies one can employ when playing Pac-Man and it involves how you dodge the ghosts, eat the dots, fruit and the ghosts. One strategy is to eat as many dots and fruit that appear as you can without trying to eat the ghosts until the end, as the fruit ends up being worth a lot of points the further in the game you progress.

This strategy assumes that you will need good dodging techniques to stay away from the ghosts, particularly in later levels when they become faster. In order to fully execute this strategy you have to understand the maze and how best to use it to escape the ghosts. The space on both sides of the screen that allow you to pass from one side to another is great for dodging ghosts, as they slow down when chasing you in there. In later rounds, however, you might find that one ghost will chase you from one side while another enters from the other side and traps you. Similarly, you can run into this trap with any of the corners on the map, so it is best to get all the dots in the long stretches early (or in between eating pellets which turns the ghosts blue and they stop chasing you).

The other strategy you can take is to eat as many dots as you can and then lure the ghosts into corners with you to take advantage. You can do this by waiting until the last second they are near you, eating the pellet and then chasing them down to get the points by eating them. This strategy is higher risk because not all ghosts might be nearby and by chasing them down, you are running out of time available to eat dots and progress to the next level.

Pac-Man T-shirts

Pac-Man T-shirts

Whichever strategy you employ, be it the aforementioned ones or simply running around eating everything to enjoy the game without a strategy, this game comes with it many memories of family and friends playing for hours. The beauty of this as well as many other early games is that you can play it over and over again trying to beat the top score, make it to higher levels in the game or just enjoy yourself in general.

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