Metallica: Home Base


Lars Ulrich, Metallic’s drummer, was born to a regular middle-class family in Denmark. He was a great tennis player, and in his mid-teens he moved to Los Angeles, California to further his training. As these things go, he of course left tennis to become a drummer. After putting an add in a local paper, “The Recycler,” he met James Hetfield, and together they began Metallica.

Ulrich did not get his beginnings as a metal drummer, contrary to what some might think judging by his innate talent for the style. Ulrich was absolutely immersed in Jazz since an early age. His father (a pro tennis player around 1980) was a great jazz musician who got to play with great guys like Miles Davis. Dexter Gordon, another awesome jazz player who played saxophone, was Ulrich’s godfather.

He loved metal after loving good old rock music, and especially after finding Diamond Head, a British metal band. Ulrich is still up and kickin and tours with Metallica today. Born in lovely Downey, California, James Hetfield was the first to answer Ulrich’s paper adds. Shortly after he became the main songwriter, vocalist, and rhythm guitarist for the band. His dad was a truck driver of all things, and his mother was a light opera singer. Both of them were Christian Science followers, a specific sect where the followers forgo any medical attention.

Metallica - James Hetfield

Metallica – James Hetfield

After his mother died while receiving no treatment for cancer, Hetfield carried that influence into his music, and many songs involve or are related to his mother and her illness, songs like “Until It Sleeps,” and “Mama Said.” Hetfield is also still a member of the band today. When he is not with the band, he loves spending every other moment he has with his wife, Francesca, and their three beautiful children. (Seriously, in his pictures with them, they are WAY adorable.)

Kirk Hammett is an awesome guitarist and songwriter for Metallica. A San Francisco native, Kirk was born to average immigrant parents, and found his interest in music from his brother’s guitar collection. His first band experience was actually with a group he formed in 1980 called Exodus. It was a thrash metal group, along the same lines as Metallica.

Metallica - Kirk Hammett

Metallica – Kirk Hammett

In 1983, with the dismissal of Dave Mustaine, Hammett got a spot in Metallica. He is known for his distinctive musical style, making a major use of the modulation pedal in solos. He also often tapes his hand to lessen the abuse it takes during his large amount of playing. Hammett now lives in his birthplace of San Fransico with his wife (the second of two) and their two awesome sons.


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