Marvel Comics – Top 10 Super Heroes

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1. Spider-Man – Any teenager could connect to Spider-Man. Peter Parker is a little awkward, geeky, and crunched for deadlines at the Daily Bugle. Without the help of other heroes, Parker has to learn that “with great power comes great responsibility.” Spider-Man has agility, a spider sense where he can detect something wrong (his sense often tingles), and web-shooters to go with his strong intellect.

Marvel Comics - Spider-Man

Marvel Comics – Spider-Man

2. Captain America – Steve Rogers was part of an experimental program during World War II. He became the physical representation of American values. The Super-Soldier serum that Rogers was injected with gave him enhanced abilities that brought all of his abilities to the highest limits of human power. He also fights with an almost indestructible shield.

3. Wolverine – The Canadian fighter is probably the best known member of the X-Men. He has adamantium fused to his bones, the ability to heal, and animalistic instincts. He is usually depicted as a loner but has been a father figure to other mutants like Kitty Pride and Jubilee. He is also known for saying the phrase “Bub.”

Marvel Comics - Wolverine

Marvel Comics – Wolverine

4. The Hulk – There are several degrees of the Hulk. Depending on the writer and artist he is represented as dumb (Hulk Smash!), but other times the writers will merge the brains of Bruce Banner with his brute strength, creating an intelligent fighter. Either way, emotional stress causes Banner to transform into the Incredible Hulk.

5. Iron Man – TonyStark created his power suit to save his heart and transitioned the suit to save the world as Iron Man. Stark is both wealthy and smart and has created several military weapons. He is traditionally a member of the Avengers and was portrayed in the live action movies by Robert Downey Jr.

Marvel Comics - Thor

Marvel Comics – Thor

6. Thor – Based off of the Norse god, Thor is well known for his mythical hammer Mjolnir which can control weather and the God Blast. His biggest nemesis is his adopted brother, Loki. He is also known as one of the many power-house Avengers.

7. The Punisher – The Punisher vows to take down the mob and crime in New York City. He is a true vigilante who will use any tactics to stop crime. Frank Castle can use martial arts, weapons, and his former war tactics.

Marvel Comics - Daredevil

Marvel Comics – Daredevil

8. Daredevil – Being blind has never stopped Matt Murdock. He fights in the court by day and by night he puts on a red devil suit. Even though he is blind from a radioactive accident, his other senses have been heightened and he can use his other senses to figure out his surroundings. He knows several forms of martial arts and is well known for using a specially designed billy club.

9. Ms. Marvel – Ms. Marvel is a pivotal member of the Avengers. She has super strength, flight, stamina, and a seventh sense. Although many know her from the X-men cartoon when Rogue took her powers, she still exists today with the same abilities.

Marvel Comics - Ms Marvel

Marvel Comics – Ms Marvel

10. Elektra – Elektra is an assassin who was a love interest of Daredevil. She is well known for her fighting abilities with the sai, but has several other abilities like gymnastics, swimming, mesmerisation, and the obscure ability to borrow people’s minds.


So thats my top ten Marvel Super Heroes, who are yours? Leave your top ten in the comments below.

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