Inside Pink Floyd

The Wall by Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd’s line-up has been as colourful as their psychedelic performances. They have had three different band leader successions, and one member even sued the rest of the group.

Barrett was the first member to lead the group as a singer, songwriter and guitarist. He is best known for recording two albums with Pink Floyd, including “Piper at the Gates of Dawn.” He is also known for singles “Arnold Layne,” “Paint Box,” and others. He also recorded two albums after leaving Pink Floyd, one named after himself, but these did not receive as much success as his Floyd albums.

Waters took up the baton after Barrett left, and did a good job leading Pink Floyd through its evolution from its psychedelic roots into a progressive rock band. He would be best recognised as the bass player for the band, although he and a couple other members shared vocals and song writing after Barrett’s departure.

In 1985, Water’s declared the band “a spent force” and decided to leave and pursue a solo career. He actually sued the band when Gilmour continued to lead it under the same name, but eventually a settlement was reached outside of court. In spite of this, Gilmour and Waters are now on good terms, and Waters even met up with the band to perform at their London concert “Live 8,” their first public gig in over 20 years. During his solo career, Waters released three studio albums and also an opera, “Ca Ira.”

Gilmour was next up to lead the band, and took up primary vocals for the band while still playing his guitar. He was also one of the main songwriters for the band after Barrett left, with titles on world albums like “The Dark Side of the Moon.” His work was not limited to Pink Floyd though. He was also a very a successful record producer for a variety of other artist. Furthermore, he enjoyed a very well received solo career, releasing multiple albums and singles.

Gilmour also had a humanitarian side, participating in various charity organizations throughout his career. Pink Floyd’s easily recognizable sound would not be nearly as distinctive without the keyboard and piano of Richard Wright. Wright always had thick, dense runs that gave the band’s music a mysterious, sort of illusive sound that contributed to its popularity. He also sang and helped write songs after Barrett’s departure on songs such as “Time.” Unfortunately, Richard Wright passed away on September 15th of last year. We thank him for his passion and his music.

Nick Mason is and has always been Pink Floyd’s drummer. He is the only member of the band to have stuck with it since the group’s conception in 1964. He has been the percussionist on every single Pink Floyd album. He also had a successful run as a producer.

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