80s Television Nostalgia

80s tv

We think back on the television from our childhoods, and wonder, where did television like that go. Today, we have better acting to watch, story lines that follow a common thread and digital picture. We have better make-up, more lifelike action footage, and more believable drama. We also definitely have better script writers. Yet, still we look back and wonder where did television like that go?

I sat on my couch one Saturday morning with my daughter and tried to find her cartoons, I don’t think Saturday morning cartoons exist anymore, those cartoons that we would wake up early for and annoy our parents each weekend. It’s okay though that there aren’t cartoons on Saturday morning anymore, because I have seen modern cartoons, and don’t know what happened. I miss Scooby-doo and The Flintstones. What happened to cartoons like The Smurfs, or The Snorks, cartoons like Yogi Bear or Rocky and Bulwinkle? What happened to television shows where the good guy always comes out winning or where you can drive a car through a wall and have it come out without a scratch? What happened to likeable bad guys or an hour of gunfire without anyone getting killed?

Don’t you miss sitting on your sofa at night watching The Dukes of Hazzard and wondering how that car never got wrecked or how it could be that Roscoe was never able to catch them? Do you ever think back and wonder whatever happened to Stringfellow Hawk or Michael Knight? Do you ever contemplate the shows that nobody remembers, like Streethawk or Manimal? Are you curious whether or not the 50 year olds in 21 Jump Street still look 15? What about if ALF was ever able to eat the family cat or if Alex P Keaton ever became President? Personally I wonder if Higgins really was Robin Masters and why nobody can fix anything anymore with duct tape and a swiss army knife.

Perhaps we miss the television shows of the 80’s because we like things that remind us of our younger days. Maybe we liked them because the stories had a moral. It’s a possibility that we like those shows because they bring back good memories, or just because they were just feel good programming. The funny thing is that there is obviously a demand for these shows. They have turned Scooby-doo into a movie, and The Knight Rider is back on the air. The Dukes of Hazzard was turned in to a movie and so were The Flintstones and Transformers. People want 80’s television. I would not be surprised to soon see MacGyver, Magnum PI or Hill Street Blues make a re-appearance. MacGyver would be my top choice, I wonder if we will ever see it happen.


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